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Taxation Services A slam and Co provides tax, business and accountancy services to individuals and businesses in United Kingdom. We are equipped with professionals who are experienced in taxation, accountancy and business management services. The experts in different fields meet the needs of the businesses and individuals to provide invaluable service to the clients.

Our team of experienced accountants and business advisers will provide the clients with tax advice on any kind of tax management. They realize the long-term goals of the clients and work with the clients to find solutions intermingling the long term and short term goals. They understand the working of the business and what they look forward to achieve. The tax advice is provided based on the working of the business and thus helps to protect your assets. To provide top notch tax advice and related services to the clients, we have a well-equipped team of tax experts who deal with tax planning, documentation and even represent the company.

We provide several services to our clients like

  • Preparing tax return documents for companies, foreign nationals, NRI’s, and even individuals.
  • We represent the client while appearing before tax checking officers and deal with the necessary amends.
  • Personal and corporate tax planning to ensure maximum mitigation of tax through constructive methods.
  • Registration of Tax Documents
  • International tax filing consultation

The government is constantly making changes to the income tax rules and norms every year over the budget planning. It is impossible for people and firms to keep track of the changes and make necessary changes to the tax documentation and returns. In case of any non-compliance of tax rules, HMRC (Her majesty’s Revenue and Customs) levies strict penalties over the companies and individuals. The strict rules have been imposed so that the rules are strictly followed. Our expert advisors work with the clients to minimize the liability and thus manage the tax compliance effectively.


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